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FCC tells massive robocaller for the third time to pay their $225M fine. FCC threatens to cut off another robo-carrier. FCC settles NCE MX Group 55.
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Data Sources:
REC retrieves data from the Federal Communications Commission's Universal Licensing System (ULS) on a daily basis at mid-day. The mid-day update asssures that transaction data is as current as possible. Logbook of the World (LOTW) data comes from HB9BZA is currently not automatically updated (we may fix that soon).
Entering Data:
Enter only one data type per request:
Call Sign: Enter the exact call sign without any 'portable' indicators (example: KU3N is OK but KU3N/7 will not work). Previous and expired call sign data is limited to what is in the FCC's ULS database.
By City (mailing address): Enter the community name in the first field and the two-letter postal state abbreviation in the second field. If you are unsure of the spelling, you can enter the first three letters of a community name and it will try to find it for you. This is based on the amateur's mailing address and not necessarily their physical location.
By Last Name: Enter the last name of the licensee. You can narrow it with a comma, space and the first initial or name (e.g. BRADLEY, M) but keep in mind, ULS does not everyone in a perfect format. Sometimes, a suffix (e.g. Jr, Sr) may get in the way. FCCdata will only return the first 500 matches of a query. Keep that in mind when entering data.
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